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Ana Braganca Jewellery no Maat

"Architecture is still present in my creations as, in the end, my goal is to produce minimal jewellery pieces, where there is no space for excess, only geometrical beauty."

  - Ana Bragança -




Ana Bragança is a portuguese jewellery designer who produces imaginative contemporary jewellery pieces which combine creativity, design and authenticity with craftsmanship, quality and elegance.


Ana is the designer and also maker of her jewellery pieces. She creates both the concepts (drawings, prototypes, etc.) and afterwards, on the bench, the finished work.


The work reflects both her individual artistic temperament, which is very much influenced by Ana’s architectural background.

Architecture is present not only in terms of style but also in the design and production process.


Conventional jewellery scales and volumes are challenged everyday...

Geometric shapes and forms are merged and/or overlapped...

Straight lines converge into round ones... 

Textures became a playground...


Above all, for Ana Bragança, jewellery is a form of self-expression and self-definition of both the designer/maker and also of those who own and wear her pieces.



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