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Parts that  held within the scope of the Casa Rolão Exhibition (Sep. 2016), which celebrated the opening of the  Concept Store Braga. The design of the pieces is based on the design of the Central Square, where the house is located  II Pieces made in 925 Copper and Silver.


Jewelery Pieces  designed for the Exposition Casa Rolão (Sept. 2016), which celebrated the opening of the Concept Store Braga. The pieces' design was inspired by the shape of the Central Square, where the house is located  II Pieces made of Copper and Sterling Silver


In the century. XVIII, a house  it was built in the old Campo de Sant'Ana by a Frenchman, Carlos Rulam. It was intended for the manufacture and sale of silks.


It is commonly said that the soul of any business is its location. Thus, Ana Bragança tried to understand why this was the chosen place for the construction of the magnificent palatial house.


At the same time, works of great magnitude (testimonies of power and clairvoyance) were erected in this same Field by the clergy from Braga. Consequently, the best artisans and merchants sought to settle in its vicinity,  thus providing luxury and joy to the Archbishop's Court – which is probably why the Rolão family settled in this area of Braga.


Thus, the jeweler sought to enhance not only Casa Rolão but,  also, the urban space that integrates this building of high artistic importance for the city.


In XVIII AD, the truly architectural pearl was built in the old field of Sant'Ana by a french man, Carlos Rulam. There, silk was manufactured and retailed.


It is said that ”location is everything”, being an important factor to the success of any business. Therefore, Ana Bragança tried to investigate why this was the place chosen to built this magnificent palatial house.


Around the same time, the ecclesiastical society erected important buildings in the same location. These impressive constructions reflected the cleric power and foresight. Consequently, the best craftsmen and merchants sought to settle in this area, thus providing the luxury goods and needs for the Archbishop Court's festivity to happen. This might also be the fact why the Rolão family established in this area of Braga.


In the end, the jewelery designer tried to enhance, not only the important artistic building that is the Rolão House, but also the urban space that it integrates. 

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