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Parts  held within the scope of the Jewelery and Cinema Exhibition  (Nov. 2016), which took place at the Tincal Lab  and was attended by more than 40 national and international jewelers  II  The design of the pieces is inspired by 3 of the main films of  Hitchcock  II Pieces made in  925 Silver.


Jewelery Pieces  designed for the Exposition Jewelery and Cinema  (Nov. 2016), which took place at Tincal Lab. More than 40 national and international jewelers were selected for this exhibition  II  The pieces  design by us had 3 movies of Hitchcock as an inspiration source II Pieces made of  sterling silver



Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock! This name doesn't need presentation, as it was probably the greatest modern filmmaker.

As an architect, Ana Bragança has always been fascinated by the way the director captured the space and forced the viewer to engage in the movie's action, in a kind of voyeurism form. So, when this Jewelery & Cinema challenge was presented, Ana simply had to state her admiration for Hitchcock. To do so, she has chosen 3 of his famous films: “Birds”, “Psycho” and “Rear Window.”  


In the end, Ana hopes that, by wearing her Hitchcock brooches, someone might help keeping alive the memory of the “Master of Suspense”.

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