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Why is there different stock in Portugal and / or Switzerland?

Ana Bragança Jewelery is a Portuguese brand, however the jeweller, Ana Bragança, currently lives in Lausanne, Switzerland . Thus, the jewellery has the pieces in stock in both countries, but in different quantities.

To check if the piece you are looking for is in stock in one of these countries, you may:

- either use the filters on the main page of the online store;

- or, when you select the product that interests you, on the left side of the description there is the "Stock" menu. Here you will find the information you are looking for.

I live in Portugal.

Can I buy a piece that is only in stock in Switzerland?


The fact that there is no stock in Portugal does not mean that you cannot order the jewellery piece. The only thing you should e aware of is the delivery time which will correspond to an international registered mail made by La Porte Suisse, the company which operates the Switzerland postal services. Once you select a product, you will find the delivery forecast in the "stock" menu.

I live in Switzerland.

Can I buy a piece that is only in stock in Portugal?

Sure .

The fact that there is no piece in stock in Switzerland, does not mean that you cannot order it. The only thing you should be aware of is the delivery time which will correspond to an international registered mail made by CTT, the company which operates the Portuguese postal services. Once you select a product, you will find the delivery forecast in the "stock" menu.

I live in a country that is neither Portugal nor Switzerland.

Where will my piece be shipped from?

Your piece will be shipped from the country where the product is marked as "in stock".

However, please note that if the piece is in stock in both Portugal and Switzerland, an analysis will be carried out, and according to the buyer's address, we will decide from each country is better to ship the piece in order to try to deliver as soon as possible and to try to avoid as much as possible any delays caused by the destination country's customs.

Who is responsible for paying any customs duties and /or taxes?

Ana Bragança   is responsible for paying any customs fees within the Schengen Area, only an without exception, if the delivery method selected by the the costumer is the normal national shipping method, meaning made by CTT or La Poste Suisse.

However, if the buyer lives outside the European Union, without exception, the buyer is always responsible for covering any costs, services or customs clearance fees that the destination country can impose for the delivery of jewellery pieces, independently of the delivery company selected. What you have to pay will depend on the commercial value of the order.

I would like my order to be delivered by DHL or another similar company specialised in express mail service.

How can I do it?

If you want your delivery to be made by DHL and not by the regular national courier service, you can select that delivery option when completing your purchase on our online store.

If you want another express mail company to deliver your order, there is no problem . We kindly ask you to contact us by email to:, before you complete your purchase at our online store.

However, please keep in mind that, when opting for a delivery made by DHL or another similar company, Ana Bragança Jewelery, without exception, will not be responsible for the payment of any customs fees, taxes or services both within the Schengen Area and/or elsewhere in the world. These costs must always be  supported by the buyer.

What precautions should be taken when wearing Ana Bragança Jewelery's pieces?

Regardless of whether the piece you have purchased is in Sterling Silver, rhodium plated Sterling Silver , black rhodium plated Sterling Silver, Gold Plated Sterling Silver or Gold, you must ensure that you:

- Avoid contact with water;
- Avoid contact with abrasive products and / or situations, namely cosmetics, detergents of any kind or perfumes;
- Avoid using the piece in any type of sports activity;
- Avoid other situations of excessive wearing;
- Clean the pieces occasionally with a soft, dry tissue that doesn't scratch.

What is a Gold Plated Jewellery Piece?

Electroplating is a chemical process of coating metals with more noble metals.  

Therefore, when it is indicated that a piece is Gold plated, it means that it is a jewellery piece made of Sterling Silver but that has thin layer of gold on the outer surface . Thus, the piece, despite being in made in SterlingSilver, has a golden appearance.

I would like to have a product that I saw, in the online store, made with another material, such as 19 carat gold.

It's possible?

Yes, please contact me by email: and I will let you know the estimated budget needed to make the piece in other material.

Do you make other pieces besides the existing collections? Like custom jewellery pieces?

Yes, please contact me by email: and then I will set up a meeting to discuss the project you want to materialize and the budget needed.

Can I exchange a jewellery piece?

If you want to exchange a piece, you have 14 days to do so from the moment you have bought. It is important to keep the certificate of the jewellery piece and show me. Please note that , a jewellery piece will only be exchanged if returned in the state in which it were purchased, without signs of use or damage.

To do so, just contact me by email:

The piece I want is sold out.

Can I order it anyway?

Yes. If you want me to make a piece that is currently sold out, please contact me by email: Afterwards, I will communicate you the estimated delivery time of the piece. If you want to proceed with your order, please take into consideration that you will need to make a deposit of 50% of the total value of the piece.

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