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The "New Re.Home" collection aims to remember and promote the fight against waste and the reinvention of the Present through jewellery. It is a collection of disruptive character that incorporates recycled materials from an architecture studio.

New Re.Home

To the old models of the "Atelier Circonflexe" (an architecture office  located in Lausanne, Switzerland and with which Ana Bragança established a partnership for this collection), made in foam board - objects that were no longer useful and were going to be discarded - Ana Bragança added some structures made of noble material, structures that recall sections or elevations of an imaginary architectural project which are inhabited by characters and/or trees made in Sterling Silver live (925).

Alfinete Re.Home de Ana Bragança Jewellery

The "New Re.Home" collection results from a partnership entitled ReSHAPE promoted by MAAT (Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology) and by  AORP (Association of  Jewellery and Watch of Portugal). To learn more about this initiative and the "Atelier Circonflexe", click here . 

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