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Ana Bragança @ AUTOR14

It was with an enormous pleasure that I took part of the 14th International Contemporary Jewellery Fair AUTOR, in Bucharest.

There were more than 70 designers selected to present their collection, coming from five different continents, and I can tell you that each autor presented and exposed a singular and unique jewellery statement. I use the word “statement” because, each one of us, in our own way, had a strong collection, message or story to tell. I believe this is what I makes AUTOR such a dazzling jewellery fair.

II Photo Credit: II

The collection I have presented at AUTOR14, like always, was very influenced by my architectural background. I took advantage of basic shapes and forms to achieve clean designs.

Besides, all my jewellery was handmade and in sterling silver. Yet, note that I am not interested in the material preciousness of my pieces but rather on the impact of its clean design and shape and with silver - its reflections, colours and even touch - I manage to obtain the delicacy and elegance to balance with my sharp designs.

In the end, it is clear that my collection reflects my persistent attempt to produce minimal jewellery pieces, where there is no space for excess, only beauty.

II Photo Credit: ana bragança II

Autor expects quality, originality, new styles and concepts but above all I left with the feeling that, as long as you have a good story/statement to tell, Autor will give you the opportunity to show your work.

They are dared, not snob!

Their goal is to show new views of contemporary jewellery design and I have to say that the atmosphere you live during those 2 days is amazing.

II Photo Credit: II

To know more about AUTOR, its fairs and magazine, visit their website ! It is really worth it!



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