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COLLECTIVA MEETING '19 : 180 artists from all over the world in Porto, in September

Cartaz evento : Collectiva Meeting '19 _ Pregadeira de Raluca Buzura

Event poster: Collectiva Meeting '19 _ Brooch by Raluca Buzura

Collectiva, an independent jewellery platform, will present for the second time a sublime contemporary jewelery show that brings together designers from all over the world, in Porto. The exhibition, which I am honour to be one of the curators of, will open on 21th of September, at the Bombarda Shopping Center.

I am one of the six Portuguese designers who have founded Collectiva in 2017 with the aim of promoting contemporary jewelery, presenting the work of both national and international artists. After the success of the first edition of the Collectiva Meeting in 2018, we have decided to fulfil our mission once again, this time bringing to Porto the work of 180 jewelers from all over the world.

The exhibition will open on 21th of September, within the scope of the Simultaneous Inaugurations of Miguel Bombarda, and will be attended by several Portuguese and foreign authors on the opening day. The exhibition will be highlighted in the central hall of the Bombarda Shopping Center, as well as in Collectiva's gallery also located there, remaining until the end of October.

Colar de Adriana Del Duca_ Coleção Ave del Paraiso

Necklace by Adriana Del Duca_ Collection Ave del Paraiso

The selection is the result of an international call to which more than 250 applications were accepted. Collectiva was responsible for the curatorship, based on criteria of innovation and creativity. Among the 180 selected authors, there are more than 50 nationalities, with emphasis on Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Israel, Russia, United States, Canada, Nordic Countries, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Turkey, Greece, among others.

Brooches by Elli Xippa , collection Escudo and Deniz Turan, collection Despit

When we launched the first edition of the Collectiva Meeting last year, it was with the intention of making an event that would become an annual meeting point for contemporary jewellery in Portugal, where artists would have the opportunity to, not only exhibit their work, but also to interact and share experiences with each other. The result was extremely positive and, judging by the growing number of applications and fantastic works that we will present this year, we are sure that we will further materialize our vision of promoting designer jewelery as a form of artistic expression.

Variety of concepts, atypical materials as well as unusual sources of inspiration will be presented in the heterogeneous proposals of this exhibition. We want to demystify the idea that designer jewelery is a niche product. The creative diversity that we present in this exhibition shows how contemporary jewelery offers proposals for all tastes, and that despite the vast majority of the pieces being unique, they do not allow themselves to be democratic and accessible to the public.

Necklace by Hee-ang Kim, Collection Bloom and Wither

In addition to the exhibition and sale of the collections, the selected authors will also qualify for several awards.

We have invited a panel of experts to award the “Collectiva Meeting Award”, in which three brands will be invited to join the gallery-store for a period of three months, and also the “Portojóia Award”, which will elect a selection of 8 to 10 brands for the Collectiva Meeting space at the main national jewelery fair, from 26 to 29 September.

The invited jury is formed by:

- Carlos Silva (Ambassador of Portugal at the Art Jewelry Forum);

- Carla Solheiro (director of the jewelery school Alquimia-Lab),

- Dan Piersinaru (founder and director of the AUTOR international fair),

- Fátima Santos (Secretary General of AORP - Portuguese Jewelery and Watch Association)

- Liliana Guerreiro (renowned jewelry designer)

- Olga Noronha (celebrated jewelry designer and curator of the Museo del Gioiello in Venice).

Faire Magazine and Roof Magazine joined the event and each one of them will award a brand with an editorial and an interview, respectively, exclusive to the magazines.

The public will also e invited to vote for their author of choice, who will have direct entry at the Collectiva Meeting 2020.

Susana Cabrera , Collection Textile Jewelry

As an independent platform for jewellery Design, Collectiva brings together the work of six young permanent creators and eight guests (these last change periodically).

By my side, as permanent members of Collectiva, you may find: Ana João Jewelry, Lia Gonçalves - Author Jewelery, Mater Jewelery Tales, Marta Pinto Ribeiro Contemporary Jewelery and Susana Teixeira.

Trained in architecture, design, art and even mathematics, we all have found our creative language in jewellery. All pieces are handmade and many are limited edition.

For mor information, don't forget to check:


CCB - Rua Miguel Bombarda no 285, Loja 5 - PORTO

Tlf. 961585054


Facebook: @collectivajoalhariadeautor

Instagram: @collectiva_joalhariadeautor



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