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Geometric Patterns & Lights

As you probably know, I am Portuguese, from Oporto, but I am currently living most of the time in Lausanne, Switzerland. Truth be told, it has been 15 years since I don't live permanently in Portugal, as by choice, life circumstances, and also luck, I have lived in several European cities these last years. So, I guess this is why it is very important for me that Ana Bragança Jewellery is and remains a Portuguese label after all this time. It's my identity, something I am very proud of.

Around Christmas, a client and good friend suggested me to share some of the pictures of these two places I am always in between, Porto and Lausanne. So, here they are, the latest pictures I took, where I especially love how geometric shapes ‘took over’ an important building in the center of Lausanne during the Light Festival 2020.

Pictures of Oporto, the Mystical City I was born in



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