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The beginning of a blog

Today is the day: I am starting my own blog!

Like millions of people out there, I have decided to start writing and sharing, on the one hand, my projects, confessions, thoughts and questions and on the other hand, my inspirations like the articles I like, the work of jewelers I love, the artists who impress me.

Why should I keep it all for myself? Isn't it much more interesting if I create a platform where I can share it with you an eventually receive your feedback?

So to begin with, I have to establish some boundaries. Nowadays the universe of contemporary jewellery is so vast that without limits I might get lost…

Therefore, my rule is: all the posts I will share will have to, somehow, talk about Jewellery & Architecture. It may be how one influences the other; the techniques and design processes they might share; about former architects who now are jewelers or vice-versa... Who know? But this is my rule!

You might ask why Jewellery & Architecture. Well, the main and obvious reason is that I am a former architect who recently has decided to concentrate exclusively on her passion: jewellery design. Consequently, these two art fields make part of my life, my work, my everyday. But also because I have noticed that often it is very easy to find articles that talk about these two fields, but not blogs who concentrate their content exclusively on them.

Who knows how long this blog will last? But one thing is for sure; if you are reading it right now it means that you and I have something in common! That, for me, is already a very good sign!

So let's keep in touch. Text me, write me about your ideas, you can even submit your work! I will be glad to share it on my blog. Just remember: Jewellery & Architecture.



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