If you want to know what's your ring size, the best solution is to select one of the rings you own ,  that properly fits the intended finger and with which You should feel really comfortable.

Then, use a ruler to measure the inside diameter of the selected ring (please see the picture below).

Once you know the diameter of your ring, then please check the image below to know your size number. For example, if your ring has 21,65mm of diametre this means it is an nr. 28.

On our website, the rings' sizes are determined according to the Portuguese standard. Nevertheless, this can change according to the country where you live. So, in case you already know your ring size, before completing your order, please use the image below (international size chart) to check which is your size corresponding to the Portuguese ring size or to eventually convert it.


Do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly help you to check what's your ring size number.


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